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susan ullah


Amy Schrock Fry

This was a beautiful story. How blessed you are to have been raised by such a man. Thank you for sharing his story this day as we honor America's military heroes. Your father was surely one of them.

Patty Haley

What an amazing man your father was for many reasons, but especially as a witness to God. Thanks for sharing his story... it is nearly unbelievable, but so uplifting because of God's peace, grace and forgiveness. Very touching.


My dad also served in the Phillipines, but at the end of WWII, not the beginning. Although wounded in battle, it was not so serious that he couldn't remain in the Pacific and help close out that terrible conflict, not coming home until 1946.

Today he is fighting another battle, this time with cancer. I called today to thank him for his service to this wonderful country. Soon this battle will be over, but he will have his final victory as he celebrates with his savior.

Thank you to all who have served our nation. You are all heroes.


That is an amazing story Ken! Your Dad's influence lives on, like a stone in a pond - the effects are endless. Your Father influenced you - you are influencing so many - who knows who they will influence? What an amazing heritage you have!


Thankful for your sharing about your dad. Thankful to God for his love and forgiveness! Thankful for our freedom in the US. When watching the news about Ft. Hood, I wrote a little poem:
The Night Before 'happy holidays'
Twas the night before 'happy holidays'
And all through the White House,
Not a protest was heard,
Not even a pout!

The unborn and unwanted were no longer guests there,
killed by money forced from tax-payer health care.

The stocking for 'the great one'
Hung with much fan fair.
For he felt he alone knew the answers--
He would not share!

Soldiers far from home and soldiers close by
There sacrifices did not even cause him to blink an eye!
"Don't jump to conclusions," his words of comfort were,
As the families spent Christmas by a fresh mound of dirt.

Joblessness is good the news journalist say.
Not caring that more and more people have bills left unpaid.
Bailouts are given to big company cheats--
Their top execs flying comfortably to tropical heat.

Twas the night before 'happy holiday'
But twas really quite sad,
For true Christmas has been lost
Along with America's proud past.

Will Americans notice?
Will Americans care?
For little by little
Our freedoms are no longer there.



Oh, how I love Jesus!


Wonderful tribute, a profound story of Hope! Thanks for blessing us.


That's where your 'big rocks' perspective comes from .... you had a head start from your father :}


Amazing, simply amazing!

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