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Jari Sinnwell

Thank You, Lord for JJ's safe return!


no wonder you will never forget today!!! am sure you will never forget the look of that little face when you saw her again too. Glad she is fine.

Pat Callahan

Thank you, Jesus, for JJ's safe return.


Thank God you found her! This would be scary enough all on its own-but even freakier if you've read the shack.


Karen Anderson

So grateful for God's mercy. May He continue to comfort your hearts as you hold her near and dear.

Amy M

Ken and Diane,
SO Thankful to the Lord you found her!! It's so frightening how very quickly they can disappear! I had goose bumps reading that; feel for you both that you had to go through it, but what a mighty God we serve - and praises to Him for bringing Glory out of terror. Hug each other and the girls tight.

Marsha Iddings

Glad you found her! Praise God!

Xiomara Lopez

I felt it was happening to me as I read along...thank you Lord it had a happy ending.
We know You and only You are in control of our steps.

Robbie Iobst

Heart wrenching and beautiful story. THANK GOD for the outcome. I joined you in your last prayer for those who have not had such a good outcome.


I've been there, too, Ken. Last summer our then almost 2 year old (it was actually the day before her 2nd birthday) disappeared for 45 minutes during a family get-together at our house... which just so happens to be on a lake. And just so happened to be right after I'd put her suit on her and told her that she'd had to wait to get into the water until after another of her friends had come over...

The fear... it just wraps itself around your heart and gut and it seems that the only thought that can even go through your mind is constant beg-praying. When the only thought you have is, "Please, God... not my baby. Keep her safe". Over and over again until you think you've lost your mind.

We, too, were lucky. It just so happened that our daughter snuck into her big sisters bed to take a nap because she was tired. And not only snuck in, but burrowed under the covers so far that when I'd initially checked that room and the beds in it, I hadn't found her.

I'm so ecstatic for you, that God brought your precious baby back to you. You'll never forget it... not once. The fear... the relief to the point of hysterics... Grateful that you, too, have been given this 2nd chance.


Jill Savage


Just reading your story made me sick to my stomach. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. But I am thanking God along with you that she is safe and sound!


I had the chills reading this.

I cannot imagine the overwhelming rush of emotions at the loss of a child in such challenging and unfamiliar surroundings.

I must say, I have to agree with JJ on this one: her grandpa is most definitely lost!

If I EVER go camping with you, Ken, I am bringing my own wood.


I am so incredibly glad that JJ was safe. I know how it feels when one of my kids dissappears from sight for a few seconds when we are out.

This is a beautiful example of the Prodigal Daddy - there is no condemnation of "Where were you???" - "Don't EVER do that again!!' - it was a scoop up into the arms and love, thankfulness and unspeakable joy.

Michael Hyatt

I am so grateful that you found JJ. That had to be the three longest hours of your life. Wow! Thanks for sharing this experience.

Randy Elrod

Wow!!! I am so glad it was you that was lost and not my darling J.J.!! That comment is classic. She is a brave one. It must be genetic.

The most compelling blog post you have ever written!

My heart is still beating very fast.

Thanks, God.

Chris Elrod

Praise be to God for protecting this little one. I'm so glad she was found!!!!

Wes Roberts


...and praise be to God!!!


Ken! Oh, my heart is confused. Part of me wants to weep the other scream for joy. I am so, so glad to she is home safe! H

Brian Proffit

I hope you haven't read "The Shack", Ken. Way too close to the front of my mind as I read this. Praise God for her safe recovery.


Dude. I'm in tears.
Wow. So glad that turned out like that.

Phillips Phamily Mama

Definitely was thinking about The Shack the whole way through your post. Praise God yours is a happy ending!


Whoa... glad all is well. Loved your prayer at the end.

Lisa  Cronk

So happy for that precious angel, too!! Thank You, Lord!

Brad and Sandy Mix

Wow Ken and Diane - I can't imagine! I'm thanking Father for his grace. "Pappa is very fond of you" all!... and we love you and Diane and your little JJ too.

Tim DeTellis

Ken, wow - what an encounter. I am thrilled for the ending.

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