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Dr. Rus

I love it Ken! Very stylish too. I'll keep this fashion tip in mind as we do have a number of those Snuggies in our house too.

BTW, so glad and praising God that your granddaughter "found" her grandfather who was lost the other day.


All the best!
Dr. Rus

Amy M

You. Are. Priceless. Truly, the Lord gifted you with amazing abilities - HUGE capacity for LOVE and an even HUGER (is that a word?) capacity for LAUGHTER, that you so willingly share with the rest of us, to ease OUR days a bit. Thank you Ken. And Praise Him the 'adventure' turned out as well as it did. - NOT the forgotten long pants adventure; the lost little one adventure!
Yours in Him

Tina Violka

LOVE THE LOOK! I can't believe the ingenuity.
PS so VERY VERY HAPPY about the amazing reuniting of granddaughter to "missing grandfather" God is Great


Now that IS attractive! I dare you to do some stand up comedy in that amazing gettup! :)

xx Skipper

Wes Roberts


...it's finally happened

...we'll be praying for Diane!

Amy M

I just had to share this latest post w/my husband; read it out loud to him so he could laugh out loud too! I occurred to me that this blog post IS in fact for high-profile leaders; IF they camp! Or, if they need to be reminded that necessity is the mother of invention! And it was life-changing; if you hadn't invented Snuggie-Pants,you might have frozen to death! THAT's life-changing...glad you're an inventor.

Deana O'Hara

Laughing out loud - with 100 degree temps in Tulsa this week, it is hard to imagine anyone being cold right now. LOVE the look.

So happy things turned out well with JJ. God is amazingly great.

Thanks for the laugh.

Deana O'Hara


You know, it beats getting caught in strawberry undies. ;)


Oh, the joy of being a grandpa! Praise God for the safety of your grandaughter.

Tiffany Stuart

Too funny!


You are so funny! You don't know me but your video was shown all the time to my bible class when I was in highschool. My husband thinks you are one of the funniest people and is always saying some of your jokes. Thanks for making us laugh and giving us a break from our awful bible teacher.
Melanie, Houston tx


Hmmmm, don't think it will make it to the Paris Run Ways!
But I think you could sell the idea to Cabela's or Bass Pro shop!!!
Way to funny Ken!! The bears in the woods might get a chuckle or two from it,also :)!

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