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Amy M

This was hysterically funny! I sat here alone and belly-laughed out loud. (and didn't even feel like an idiot doing it!) I DO tweet and I do try to be encouraging and not a whiner, etc. And I've NEVER posted a picture of my food,(of course, mine never looks as good as Randy's either). Thanks for the fabulous blog chuckle in the middle of an otherwise boring Wednesday afternoon!
Amy Fry (nenya71 on Twitter)

Dr Rus Jeffrey

Okay, so you don't like my "nap" updates. LOL! I do love this post though.

Well done Ken! Very funny!


I am thrilled to see that I'm not the one one who wishes to punch Randy in the lungs when he posts his Edible Enticements du Jour. (However, I did vote repeated for him to win the The Bestest Job Ever, or whatever it was...)

And I openly admit that I break Twittommandment #3 repeated but I haven't noticed any loss of followers because of it. As a matter of fact, I recently dumped a few hundred for tagging along merely to pad their numbers.

The fact that I'm ever able to condense a thought into 140 characters warrants a call to Ripley's Believe It or Not...every time! + #livehappy

Carol Holtz

LOVE this post, Ken!!!


Great post Ken.......loved the Minnesota part of it. I've been using Twitter on my blog. Actually been considering posting scripture on it more than anything else. I've had some good link ups with it via Nutritional FOOD blogs, Knitting blogs I follow, and Christian news type links. It can be a good tool if used right. So Twittering scripture on it as I put Seeds of the Word on my blog...it can one day speak to a person's heart.
Take care...have a HOT enjoyable summer like we are.

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