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This is the first time I've found myself praying before I read a link that you've posted. I suspect I'm gonna be a little gladder (pardon my grammar) that I'm a CANADIAN by the time I'm finished reading the attachment. And I'm sure to comment again.

Deana O'Hara

THAT is disturbing Ken.. wow. I teach Bible Studies - in my home, in church, wherever we can gather. We have a mission start that meets on Saturday nights in a grade school, we've never had to get a permit. I'm appauled and maybe a little scared?


Wow. That certainly carried over into some ugly back-and-forth exchange of opinions. And yep, I'm glad I haven't experienced this in Canada...yet.

Becky R.

America has lost sight Of IN GOD WE TRUST.
We are a nation bent on self destruction through our laws and the government we elect. Unfortunately in the last days as christians we are going to face more and more of this as we fight to hold on to our faith, our Bibles and Jesus. The question is are we strong enough in Jesus to be willing to go to jail or worse die for him like so many before us.


I'm an atheist and yet I find this extrememly disturbing.

Atheist, Christian, Mormon, Muslim, whatever - we should all be allowed to gather privately in our homes.


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