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Michele Cushatt

I think this might be my favorite post of yours yet. Sometimes what we think we want isn't what we want at all. And often the realizing of it comes far too late.

There is sweetness in not needing anything more than the simple.

Nathan Gaddis

wowsers! What a great post! Thanks!


Great post, Ken. I have read that the quick acquisition of money doesn't change people, rather it enhances the person they were before they had it. Could there be a corollary of that principle to fame? I don't think I could have handled her instant fame as well as she did. Give me the tranquility of the sea anyday.

Jill Savage


I really resonate with this post. As one who has been moved into a bit of the fishbowl of success, there are certainly days I wish I could just go back to "being a mom" again. I do my best to keep a sense of normal in our lives, but success and fame are not all people think it will be.


It will be interesting to where people who have been discovered recently and to see how it has effected theirs lives in about 5 years times.


Good Posting Ken.
I truly felt the situation that Susan was put into must have been a hard road to follow. She obviously is such a quiet, humble lady who gets the greatest joy singing for others. The media exploited her first by praising her then turning on her and ridiculing her to make a buck and that is just so sad. I believe she handled it all well but the pressures became to vast within such a short frame of time. I don't blame her one bit of having a collapse...she needed the rest and needs to be away from it all for a time and reflect. I wish her well. It certainly isn't the life I would want non the less I hope we all get the privileged of hearing sing more.
Have a wonderful week, Pam & Tim

Amy M

I too, love all your posts, but this one truly got to my heart. I hope Miss Boyle has some wise people to guide her, to let her know she is loved for who she is, not for what she can give the world. And yes, I would LOVE to hear more of her singing, but not at the expense of her soul. If she needs to keep her gift private and share with a few close friends as she had been doing, then so be it. The world does not have a "right" to hear her sing, it's her Choice to sing for us, or not. I pray she heals, and finds her joy again. Thank you for this post, Ken. In Him, Amy

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