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Jim Vining

Thanks for the post Ken.
I remember those points from DCW in the Fall!
That was truly a remarkable workshop. It was transformational for me.
Thanks for sharing these insights with so many of us over the years.
I hope that you have a great week!


as a corp trainer and can say these are great tips for ALL training sessions.

(as a former staff pastor i can say they are nt bad for church either!)


I am going through this Bible study, from joyofliving.com. "Psalms From the Heart". It's free!
It builds you up, as you follow the path the Shepherd sets before you. Then the Bible study asks this question, "Where, in Psalm 24:4 does the Shepherd's path take the sheep?" THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH... That hit me like a ton of bricks... Why had I never seen that before? Hadn't I read that a billion times? It says it right there, "FOR THOUGH ART WITH ME... " How could I miss that?? I am worried about teens??? Where did my fight go? Did I think He forsook me, left me on the road, alone?
I finally figured out how, I was being defeated.
I was the one who forgot that He was there, leading me through the valley.
I got spiritual courage, from Him, just like I asked for, and I went about my day.
I hope this encourages you, as much as He has encouraged me, and given me exactly what I have prayed for these past few months! To be a better mother, not to be defeated, how sad all I had to do was open my eyes, and look up!

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