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Wes Roberts

...go Kailee!!!

...and teach that olde fine granddad of yours some new tricks

...and don't forget to always laugh at his olde jokes

Deana O'Hara

Wow Ken - that is awesome. Not only her camera view,(and very talented eye) but also your ability to translate that view in to a word picture that is powerful and touching. The True joy paragraph totally speaks to my heart.

Thanks for sharing this. And Happy Easter.

Randy Elrod

I LOVE seeing through her eyes. She is a true artist...like her grandad.


Dr Rus Jeffrey

From one photog to another - She has a wonderful eye and the pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing them with us.


Hi Ken...... Please tell your granddaughter her photography is beautiful, keep it up she really does have a gift.My uncle was a professional artist and photographer. I see a future in it for her even if it for just the pure fun of a hobby. If she's seeing things like that she's got something worth nurturing.
Going to link you to my blog...I'll keep up with the Davis' better that way!
Have a lovely Lord's Day.
Pam Nelson


This is actually a very cool picture. I am a photographer, so I know. Abstract is my favorite! Good eye!

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