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Alone? Oh pah-leeze!!! If we were truly honest we would all claim a chapter in that book! (a'course there are folks like me who've chronicled entire volumes...but in my defense, I do try to learn from my mistakes. You got a problem wit dat?!)

Brandon Cox

I think I've been annoying a time or two in my life. In fact, I'm one of my wife's biggest pet peaves! Joking aside, it's an excellent point you humorously make - this think of trying not to be someone's pet peave.

Steve Chance

I've seen this segment before and experience the same prejudice ALL THE TIME. I guess having cerebral palsy for 50 years will do that to a guy. I found away to make money at it. Guess who's laughing now...all the way to the bank.

By the way, Franklin has paid for itself.

Deana O'Hara

The only one? Hardly. Sadly, I fall into sarcasm, or punishing silence in the face of such issues. And I'm certain beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can be someone's pet peeve at those times. I'm really trying not to be like that today - Great visual you have here, thanks for posting this.

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