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Michele Cushatt

I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for all the heart you pour into what you do.


I am trying to be a giving machine these days. It just feels right. I must admit, however, that I enjoy giving to children more. Their gratitude is genuine and that's the fuel that ignites my Lovewalk. Laughing with you does too, Ken!

Deana O'Hara

I really like this post. I'm trying to balance those two premises right now. Investing in myself and investing in others. I tend to over do the latter and forget about me. I am learning balance.

Your generous/genuine nature is what put DCW on my radar 7 years ago. I was struggling with a bible study, contacted your group and asked permission to use your tapes. You contacted me back personally, and we dialogued briefly - I never forgot your generosity and verbal encouragement.

Great post. I appreciate the thoughts.


Oh I love Compassion! AND Carlos and I have been having lots of talks lately and I totally ripped off Diane's words and spoke her words to him! Invest in yourself! :) H


so very true! thank you for setting a great example to the rest of us.
at the end of the day, we will all sleep better knowing we have helped someone other than just ourselves.


My daughters and I watched, "I'm Not OK" last night. Investing in others with laughter to boot, is just the ultimate!

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