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I can't believe how easily I read that! That is sarcy, I mean scary!

Deana O'Hara

yuor skapnig my luagnage !

I was a baton twirler in Jr High - during a pep rally, the girls threw their's to the left and I tossed mine to the right. I took out more basketball players during that rally than the chearleaders did all season.

Geart Psot!


Like I needed more confirmation of my disfunction?! Thanks so much, Ken. (=^D)


I've seen these before. I wish I could use my talents for more good than just reading scrambled words. :)


Hi Ken ~ had to read the Mesabi Daily News to find you had a website and a blog! Article was about the fund raiser in Virginia for Gary's bronze sculpture. Hi to you and Diane...from Tim & Pam - remember us Iron Rangers from Da'Range! I'm looking forward to seeing that sculpture one day.
Were heading to the Range this spring or summer Lord willing depending on Tim's health to see our mothers. Take care, Lord Bless.
Love to you both, Pam
P.S... I'm sorry but your scrambled words cracked me up - somehow it reminded me of Youth For Christ Days.......can't imagine why!


tnahk you tihs was the pcik me up i nedeed. Lvoed it!

Dan Potter

I used to be dyslexic, now I'm "KO"!
Thanks for the fun
I read this PERFECTLY
because I am perfectly dyslexic
(why is that word so hard to spell?)
Thanks for a great SUMMIT!
~ Dan Potter

Cathy B

Oh my gosh.. can someone explain to me why, honestly this was easier and faster to read than normal type for me???!!! How scary!

thanks for sharing it.

cathy b
...by by the Grace and Mercy of God go I!

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