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mcnair wilson

Thanks, Ken.

I still mean every word of it. That's "mean" as in "sincere" not "mean" like "cruel." (For now)


Cass Harris

oh man, i totally agree with that!

Cathrine Lata


I am a relatively new member on facebook- I love reconnecting with friends from every stage of my life as well as making new friends- like you.

McNair's rant is funny. Obviously, his life on the net has gotten way out of control. For me at this point, I still feel in control of my life when it comes to networking with people. So, I have no complaints, at least not yet. It sounds as if he has boundary issues, which I completely understand. I have been in the ministry 20 years with my husband. Consequently, I learned to say "No" early on. I have found that the internet makes it fairly easy to keep a distance from human claws. I handle irritating requests by pressing the variety of little buttons provided, such as- reject, ignore, and off.
Good luck to your friend!

God Bless, Cathrine

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