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I hope you don't mind, but I am going to use this as part of my weekly feature, Fearless Friday, today. I'm totally giving you credit and linking back here to your blog.

Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing.

Wes Roberts

...exceptional post!

...and amen to you being one of the good men

...all the men?

Carl Thompson

Thank you Ken for sharing this touching story. No wonder Jesus liked spending time with children. Out of the mouth of babes....

Onward & Upward in Christ,

Carl Thompson

Cassie Harris

too precious! What an awesome God we have that he makes himself known to little ones so young. That just amazes me.

Thanks for making my day.

Melanie Meinhart

We can learn a bunch from little kids. My grandson who is three has started saying blessings for meals. He almost always adds "And please don't let us fall down." He added this all on his own. You can't tell me God doesn't talk to small fry in a special way. I know this doesn't mean falling down and skinning our knees. His Pepa drives a semi. One day out of the blue he says we need to pray for Pepa now. Didn't ask why!!
Thank you for your encouragement and the smiles you give.

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