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Carl Thompson

Ken -- We've been traveling and then our computer was derailed, so just now found your blog with this incredible speech from the new president of France.

I'm with you, this is an amazing, miraculous turnaround from that country. Ring the bells!

One of the most moving experiences of my life was to stand in the middle of the American cemetery at Normandy, France surrounded by 20,000 graves of young Americans who died to free France and most of Europe from Hitler's hate in WWII. It was then that I realized just a small measure of the sacrifice America made.

Thanks again for making my day by sharing this speech.

Too bad our own politicians didn't make the same hold-up-your-hand-for-America speech --- but that would be politically incorrect these days.

Let's hope more countries follow the lead of France and be willing to admit, despite our flaws, the world is a better place today because of America.

Carl Thompson

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