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Cass Harris

Geez! Wish addictions COULD be broken that easily! Made me laugh... and you're right, we do hold on to our addictions far too long. Too many excuses too.


Awesome post!!!! Everybody needs a little hootie in their life!


Oh that is a hoot!! way to go hootie :) as a matter of fact, I could use hootie to break an addiction of mine.....

Sue Bundy

We have been trying to get the binky (pacifier) from my grandson, Gavin. I printed out the pictures of the dog with the binky in it's mouth to show him. He ran around holding the picture saying ohhh biky biky biky. The same begging he used when he wants it.... Don't think he cared that a dog would use it. Some addictions take more to break tan others... Thanks for the great blog.

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